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So my husband’s uncle gave me all these buttons that he found in his house. The house he grew up in and lived in with his mother and father. My husband’s grandparents. and all of their sister’s and brothers. The house was built at least three generation back. I can only image how long thisContinue reading “Buttons”

In the Studio

So Lately I have been moving more things into the studio. We got the C.O. so now it is official. In the process of moving in. I have found so many unfinished projects (mostly quilts) I have also been rejuvenated to make other projects that I bought material for and just never did. I’ve alsoContinue reading “In the Studio”

Wreath Making

I have been working hard on moving into the new studio. There is still lots to be done but, almost there. We finally got the CO. I took some time to make a few wreaths as I found all the materials to do so. I really had fun doing that. We also took some timeContinue reading “Wreath Making”

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Little World’s Fair Grahamsville, NY. August 13th , 14th and 15th.

I will be open during fair hours.